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So where did the name Gatita-NC come from? Now, that's an interesting story. Back in the day when I was in high school, I took Spanish. The teacher was the cutiest guy and a just out of college, brand new teacher. The first Spanish phrase he taught us was bésame culo. The meaning is 'kiss my ass'. Of course we loved that as frisky teens. The second thing he taught us was our names translated into Spanish. My name is Kitty, which is gatita, or small, female cat, in Spanish. That's where the Gatita comes from, and I now live in North Carolina, so there you go. That's how this site got it's name.

This site is still under construction. I'll add information to the blank pages as I complete them.

Where are we going? What is our purpose? These are questions we all ask. This website is to tell of my journey to answer these questions. I don’t go it alone. The people who help, inspire, and lead me are too numerous to name. Some will be referred to or quoted in this site. Others remain in my heart and thoughts.

I have this new home in NC, and I'm adapting pretty well. Recently, my sister and I did a remodle of the house. The biggy was extending one side of the loft to the end of the house. We also replaced the floor from a combo of carpet and laminate to premium vinyl. Go to the Remodle page and look at the slide show of before, during, and after.

Also, I write. I used to write for a TN weekly. I have included some of the articles I like best from that time period and a few others from other times in my life.

Wholeness. What a term. I think that is one thing I aspire for in my life. The dictionary defines wholeness as containing all components; complete. Another is all parts or aspects considered; altogether. I like that.

As a Christian, wholeness is a goal for me. Our mission for ourselves and as a servant act toward others is to work toward wholeness. What does it mean for me? To bind up the broken-hearted, to heal the sick, to set free those in bondage, and to undo the works of darkness in this world. The thing I have to keep in mind is that it’s a process that keeps going as long as I’m alive in this world.

To me part of wholeness is connecting with our beloved planet and all her inhabitants. Living in such a rural area that is fairly easy. When I go out on the deck in the morning, all I can hear is the bees, the crows, the morning doves, the chickadees, the Pileated woodpecker, and the wind blowing the trees. Those sounds remind me that we do not live, as humans, on the planet alone. Each inhabitant of earth whether its animal, vegetable or mineral makes up the whole. There’s that word again ‘whole’. Go for wholeness if nothing else is my motto.

Buddhism has many aspects that are the same. The Buddha said of himself, “I am awake.” Most of us spend our entire lives asleep, our consciousness unopened. We are like a rosebud that never becomes a fully opened flower.  I consider life a meditation once you begin the awakening process.  I’m not big on the sitting for a certain number of minutes. Instead, as my day progresses, I find myself taking a couple of minutes every now and then to stop, calm my mind, and just experience my existence and the world around me.

I love to use my camera to capture life around me. You'll see some of the photos I feel really good about in the Phototgraphy section.

Scripture calls the body a temple. I believe we have to do Body Work to keep our temple in good shape. I'll share what works and what doesn't for me.

I am an on and off again practitioner of yoga.  In Buddhism and yoga we have a little thing we do. I will bow toward someone, with my hands folded as in prayer and say, “Namaste.” Cool huh? Well, Namaste means I bow to the divine in you. Even more cool eh?

Thanks for dropping by. Ya'll come back ya hear.
Kitty Hegemann
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